(What the books are about)

Kim is currently writing a series of three related books whose working titles are:




A guide to the Universal Laws that can help us to have an abundant life

Whether you are a private individual, business person or politician this guide serves as an invaluable source of information about the Universal Laws laid down by the Primary Creator before the process of creation could begin. These are the Laws by virtue of which all things are made and sustained and that form the framework of the universe and that hold it together. Without them life and the economy would simply not exist. This book describes the seven Great Principles (Mentalism; Correspondence; Vibration; Polarity; Rhythm; Cause & Effect and Gender) expounded by Hermes, the Greek God of Wisdom, plus nineteen ‘subsidiary’ Laws. Seamlessly linked, they are the master keys that unlock the doors to the manifestation of the perfect economy and abundance in all things for all people. Be advised though, for we ignore these Laws at our peril as you will discover in the second book of the series, Broken Laws, Broken Economy, Broken Lives!



The Identity, Motives, Modus Operandi & Apocalyptic Agenda of the Power Elite.
How they dam the economy, steal our wealth and poison all life.

How we can stop them - before it’s too late

In a world where the power elite break every law in the book evidence that the economy is failing on multiple fronts abounds: eye-watering indebtedness; falling living standards for many; a widening wealth gap; unaffordable housing; spiralling ill-health; over-stretched and under-funded public services. The natural world overflows with abundance, yet the human one is crippled by lack. Herein, Kim exposes the truth about the hidden agenda of the fallen ones who through their vice-like grip on politics and the economy deny prosperity to all but a select few. Discover their shocking secrets and diabolical agenda for humankind, and how, if not stopped, they will soon exercise complete control over us. And yet, says Kim, we must not lose hope as though we may be under attack we still have the power to fix what has been broken and bring the abundant life back.



Thirty Three Steps to Unparalleled Prosperity


In this third book of the series Kim delineates the key steps he believes governments and businesses must take if ‘Enlightened Free Enterprise’ economies are to achieve unparalleled prosperity. He reaffirms the absolute necessity for everyone to observe the Universal Laws described in, The Abundance Breakout, as only by doing so might we have life and have it more abundantly.

In, Broken Laws, Broken Economy, Broken Lives, Kim explains how our disregard of the Universal Laws has resulted in economic, social and planetary disintegration. And thus, The Golden Trail, is a solution, a blueprint of sound strategies and practical policies rooted in the bedrock of the Universal Law that will ensure a Golden Age economy is not only possible, but that it can be created quickly from where ever we are now.

As readers will discover in the opening chapter, The Golden Trail, is a clarion call for a free society and a free economy - in keeping with the free-will we were granted by the Primary Creator. It is about taking back control of our lives and the planet’s resources from the power elite who have fought ingeniously and viciously to prevent the divine plan for Earth manifesting. It is about how we can raise all people up by affording them every opportunity To BE or Not To BE. And, it is about much more…