Telford author and singer-songwriter, Kim Andrew Lincoln, has published his latest book, Babel’s Tower: The Funny Money Story, exactly a year after releasing his debut single, Babel’s Tower: The Funny Money Song.

Whereas the song claims that the money and banking system is hurtful to our interests and thus must be reformed, the book reveals – in story form – how the financial system steals our ‘wealth by stealth’.

“Perhaps only one in a million people really understand how the money system works, or should I say does not work, which is one reason why politicians always make such a mess of the economy, and too many people do not have enough nourishing food to eat, decent housing and affordable healthcare.” says Kim.

He was motivated to write the book because he does not think that the present system will be reformed unless a lot more people know the truth, and thus get angry enough to want to lobby their M.P.s for change.

“I wanted the book to be informative, entertaining and concise – something you could read in about an hour and would not want to put down.” says Kim.

And, as a reviewer on Amazon wrote that it reads like a “Paterson thriller”, Kim may well have achieved his aim.
Telford residents may have seen Kim’s 4×4 car in and around the area, as a year ago he commissioned a local firm to ‘wrap’ his Land Rover Discovery with the ‘Funny Money’ logo, which also appears on the cover of his new book.

Available in paperback and ebook from Amazon, more information about it, and Kim’s other work, can be found on his

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