Music Bio – Pt.1


Kim’s early musical influences, apart from Deep Purple, and the big three great classical composers: Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, were mainly the more melodic prog. rock bands from the late sixties and early seventies like Yes, SuperTramp, Pink Floyd, Camel, Barclay James Harvest, Genesis, Gino Vanelli, Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Kim also likes the emotional and  melodic blues songs written and performed by artists such as the late, great Gary Moore and any type of music that brings light into peoples lives; including choral, dance and some styles country music.

“The Josh Groban arrangement of Bach’s, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, is one of my favourite pieces, as is Pachelbel’s, Canon in D Major. Other favoured classical works include Mozart’s, Requiem and Beethoven’s, Ode To Joy. I also love the baroque style of classical music exemplified by JS Bach, an example of which is featured in the instrumental section of, EL-Lea-Eye-Em’s, Babel’s Tower – The Funny Money Song.” says, Kim

He is also a huge fan of the late, Whitney Houston, whose versions of, I Will Always Love You, and, The Greatest of Love of All, are, he says: “simply sublime.”

Of all the rock bands that Kim has heard that are currently in vogue (2020) he is most impressed with, Muse.

“They excel in every possible area. In fact, I believe them to be the most outstanding and melodically powerful live band performing in the world today. The influence of Beethoven is unmistakable in their anthems such as, Knights of Cydonia. When I listen to music now I want to be lifted up, to be inspired and taken to a higher plain. Muse’s live shows, such as those they have performed in the Rome Olympic Stadium really hit the spot for me. Indeed, what Muse are doing today is what I wanted to do back in 1973 when we formed, FTF.” says, Kim.