Music Bio – Pt.5


The iniquities of the money and banking system were brought to Kim’s attention when working as an adviser helping businesses and private individuals to improve their financial position. He discovered how those who control the system ‘steal our wealth by stealth’ and thus deprive us of the abundant life. Kim felt compelled to expose this and began writing ‘revelatory’ songs for the purpose of raising awareness of what he thought was wrong and what ought to be done to turn things around.
In thinking about an artist name for this project Kim wanted something that was, spiritually significant so that it would resonate at a soul level. He eventually settled on, EL-Lea-Eye-Em, which he believes is angelic shorthand. His interpretation of its meaning is: ‘Through the active application and balanced use of the God Power (EL) God Love (Lea) & God Wisdom (Eye) that resides within our spiritual hearts we shall win our Victory (Em) over the things of this world and thus qualify to ascend permanently to heaven as Jesus and others have done.’ Kim believed that the power of the words, EL-Lea-Eye-Em, would be greatly enhanced with a visual representation of their meaning, and thus commissioned, his spiritual artist friend, Anni Law, to design an, EL-Lea-Eye-Em, MANDALA


Phil’s ‘Funny Money,’ Studio in Bedfordshire

Kim’s ‘Funny Money’, Studio in Shropshire


Soon after Kim approached Phil with his ideas, they started work on, Funny Money, (aka: Babel’s Tower – The Funny Money Song) a song that Kim had written following the financial crash of 2008. The lyrics were published in his book, A Golden Age Economy, in 2013 and the song and video were released in 2017. A year later, Kim published a short novel about the song, aptly entitled, Babel’s Tower – The Funny Money Story.
The ‘Funny Money’ musicians are: Phil (keyboards, synthesisers, lead vocals), Kim (Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series digital V drums), Paul (Gibson Les Paul guitar) and Vicky Souter (backing vocals).
The basic tune for, Funny Money, was Kim’s, but the rest of the music, the arrangement and production, was Phil’s work. Kim also created and edited the video, with some technical assistance from, Tom Watkins.
There are three live clips in the video, (see rehearsal shots below) the longest of which was shot in, Shrewsbury Abbey, where Phil plays the ‘Abbey’ organ.


This short video clip shows three takes before Phil and Kim were happy.
One of the takes was used in the final edit of the Funny Money video. Phil appears after you click on the video.
The shortest was filmed beneath the world famous, Iron Bridge, in Shropshire, where Kim makes just two strikes on his digital snare-drum.
This very short clip of the world famous Iron Bridge over the River Severn at IronBridge Gorge in Shropshire puts the clip below into context.
“The video clip in the finished video is less than seconds long, so it’s easy to miss. I decided to wear a black hat in an attempt to better separate me and my grey hair from the colour of the bridge ironwork.” explains, Kim.


There is another short shot of Kim playing his full digital kit, which was filmed in the especially painted ‘green room’ section of his studio
– though they never actually used the green room facility in the making of the video, so that half of Kim’s studio is still green.


Green Room Testing


L-R: Phil & Paul very happy in the pub.

L-R: Phil & Paul very happy in the pub.
Paul & ‘Les Paul’ happy soon

Paul & ‘Les Paul’ happy soon
Ray happy playing his bass

Ray happy playing his bass
Paul played guitar on the song and also appears in photo form (taken, in a pub – naturally) in the video. Ray provided valuable technical assistance, by phone, as he lives 300 miles from everyone else!
This was the first time the team had professionally recorded and produced their own work in their own studios, so although the song went out under the artist name, EL-Lea-Eye-Em (for all the reasons explained above), it was essentially a, FTF, creation!



Ideas for the name EL-Lea-Eye-Em came from several sources over a period of years. The first was in 2003, when Kim was staring at his firms headed notepaper looking for inspiration. He had called his company, Lincoln Investment Management and liked the way the acronym L.I.M. (EL-Eye-Em) sounded but wanted to make more of it. He was studying theosophy, numerology and the science of music at the time, and it occurred to him that it would be good if he could incorporate something of what he was learning into the name.
The ascended master teachings Kim was studying (an important one being that the Kingdom of God is within us) were giving him greater insight into how we are all connected to the Primary Creator and how he/she works through us. So, Kim used the concept of the elements of the threefold-flame (the spiritual God flames located behind our physical hearts) and related each one to a component of the name.

The Threefold Flame


So what do these name components mean?
” ‘EL’ for me represents the blue God flame of POWER. ‘Lea’ is the pink God flame’of divine LOVE, and ‘Eye’ is the yellow/gold God flame of WISDOM. When you add them together you arrive at ‘Em’, which is the VICTORY attained from mastering and balancing these tripartite God flame energies that Jesus referred to as, The Kingdom of God Within Us – Luke 17:21. I also felt that the songs I was writing then incorporated identifiable themes that mirror these God flames.
And besides, I didn’t want the band to be called: ‘The Good Ole Boys!” quips, Kim. The lyrics to the song, Theme Tune, put extra flesh on the meaning of the name.





“When rhythm is distorted, by the rocking of the beat, the pleasure comes from light built up that’s suddenly released. This takes place in our chakras, those seven discs of light, that round our spinal column spin, without which there’s no life.”

– An extract from Kim’s poem, The Ballad of Voodoo Rock.
This Mandala is a spiritual vision board (yantra) that displays, in a coded picture, a thousand words. The image talks to the soul. It by-passes the conscious mind (who thinks it knows everything there is about “reality”) and communicates with the soul who understands the coded message. It is a message of awakening, as it is your soul who knows why are you are here on earth and what you have come here to do. Your soul is far more powerful than your conscious mind, and if the soul could just wake up and remember the mission.
The power elite knows this is dangerous to them, so they try to prevent the soul awakening to her true identity as we are hard to control when we are ‘awake’. The soul is the feminine counterpart to the masculine spirit in both men and women. The soul is creativity, a co-creator with God. This mandala is about music that uplifts the soul through the Power of God’s Will, Love and Wisdom; creating loving unity, compassion, enlightenment harmony, truth, peace and the freedom to Be. Whether you are spiritual or not, alters not one jot the energy (the life force by which you think, see, hear, fee, speak, walk and act) that is released constantly to you from your I AM presence (Higher Self), and is distributed to all of your energy centres (Chakras), via the heart, to feed and nourish those centres. We then use that energy with every action we take, every thought we think and every feeling we feel. We love or we hate. We lift someone up or condemn them. We are tolerant to others, or we blame and shame them. We fear or we trust. We spend our days acting out the dramas of our lives using this energy. We are told we have a choice and freewill, but in truth we are influenced to think, speak, feel and act in a certain way. Our choice and freewill are deliberately channelled in directions that are pre-ordained by the media – particularly the music industry.
What we listen to will control are moods, our thoughts and our decisions. It will influence how we act for good, or for ill. Where does our choice and freewill enter into this? It does not. Yet energy is taken without our knowledge or our consent.
The music we listen to will determine our destiny.
In creative visualisation – made so popular by books such as, The Secret, we are taught to visualise the GOOD we want by seeing a different future. We do this by creating a vision board of the life we wish to draw to us. We are taught that the thoughts we focus on and the feelings we constantly feel, determine our future. If we do not think about love and feel love then we will not manifest love in our lives. Perhaps then it is time to stop allowing our future to be determined by manufactured music created to hypnotise the soul to sleep. This mandala is a spiritual picture depicting a powerful beautiful bass chakra (the chakra of music and creation), which reflects harmony, abundance and happiness, surrounded by a heart of divine love, which radiates joy, faith, grace, hope and goodwill. The soul then becomes at peace, free from the deliberate manipulation to create negative karma and circumstances devoid of love.
They say civilisations thrive or decline depending upon the music which is played and listened to.
This is your world please choose its destiny.
Anni Law
NB: Our thanks to Anni for explaining the meaning of the, EL-Lea-Eye-Em, mandala she designed.



EL-Lea-Eye-Em songs convey strong positive messages, with lyrics and music designed to inform, enlighten and empower. The subject matter of many of the songs relate to the chapters in Kim’s books, so to get to the heart of what they are about he recommends you read them. However, if that does not float your boat, there is an ‘About’ the song summary in the Lyrics section.

“The songs are based on what I have learnt and experienced. They are apolitical and the central message is that it is only when we observe God’s Laws and recognise and listen to the divine within us that life on earth can be filled with the abundance that our maker wants us to have. And, that we must get rid of man-made laws that pervert and/or oppose these Universal Laws of Life, without which, nothing would or could exist” believes, Kim.

He goes on to say: “While songs like, Funny Money, and it’s sequel, Number of the Brand, expose economic wrongdoing, the other main areas I cover, include: the nature, aims and modus operandi of the power elite (who want to control everything), caring for our planet and protecting our health. This is the subject matter of the ‘EL’ (Power songs) that are high energy, hard hitting and direct. Specific subjects, include: the poisoning of our air, water, land, food and bodies; bogus wars; alternative energy sources; the perversion of spiritual truths; the falsification of science, factual information and news, and the surveillance state.

As you would expect the ‘Lea’ (Love) songs are much softer in tone as they concern both human and divine love (the Primary Creator’s love for all he/she has created). Specific subjects, include: the oneness of all life, love for nature, parental love, soulmates, forgiveness, bereavement, loneliness, lost love, regret, the role of angels and demons, and Christmas.

The third category are the ‘Eye’ (Wisdom) songs, which vary in tone, and in some cases, are intensely spiritual. Broadly speaking they are about who we are, why we are here, and our connection to and relationship with the Primary Creator. Specific subjects, include: the I AM presence (kingdom of God within us) the heart – mind relationship, divine plans, karma and reincarnation, past lives, the ego, reality detachment, raising consciousness, conquering our desires, learning from nature, and the akashic records (where everything each one of us has ever thought, felt, said and done has been recorded and stored in heaven).

The music does not fall into any particular genre, but draws on many within the broad spectrum that encompasses pop/rock music. Though you will frequently detect the influence of classical music, the material is unashamedly commercial so as to appeal to the widest possible audience. Although some songs would benefit from full orchestration, such as the ballads, my original intention was that they should be recorded using: voice, keyboards, guitars and drums.” explains, Kim

Kim has over a hundred songs in his catalogue, though under which artist vehicle they will be ‘brought to life’ is presently (January 2020) unclear.


4 x 4

As part the promotion campaign for the launch of Babel’s Tower – The Funny Money Song, Kim had his Land Rover Discovery ‘wrapped’ the results of which you can see below: